Organisational consulting – activity improvement

Organisational consulting is the first area where we really start to introduce the suggested changes, as that is where the reasons for the unfavourable company situation as well as the sources of the future competitive advantage lie.

These actions consist of numerous tasks whose purpose is as follows:

  • analysis of organisational processes, in particular the location of “bottlenecks”;
  • identification of key areas which generate costs and their influence on sales level;
  • determination of a possibility to optimise costs (minimising at a specific sales level) to gain competitive advantage within the scope of costs;
  • increase in competitive advantage with the use of the existing potential, through the improvement in the quality of products offered and services provided;
  • preparing accurate budget plans;
  • organisation and training of sales structure which maximally contributes to the use of assets of the products owned and to an increase in sales and market share;
  • evaluation of the personnel qualification level and preparation of training and motivational programmes which contribute to the company development in the most effective way.

The whole organisational optimisation process is carried out in consideration of the exact specifics of a company, its possibilities and priorities taken by the owners and management.

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