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Our Company specialises in the introduction of enterprises into Polish market as well as their effective management, supervision and further development in Poland.

We specialise in:.

fast solution of problems and difficulties arising in companies and complex management focused on financial result improvement.

The nature of the arising problems may be different, but each of them may be solved. Therefore, we may offer you a wide range of services leading to overcoming ensuing difficulties and providing notable economic benefits, such as the increase in company value, profitability and proceeds, and all this having reduced the risk of conducted activity.

In consideration of your safety, our remuneration has been immediately connected with the achieved economic profit improvement which eliminates the risk of ineffective costs connected with the use of our services on the one hand, and guarantees the situation improvement on the other.

We are a team of people experienced in company foundation and management, and, thanks to numerous successes, we provide services in a professional way addressing each Client individually. Thanks to cooperation with us, you will win the increase in value and proceeds, and reinforce your market position, as we only cooperate when we are sure it will contribute to the foregoing.

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Jarosław Kozłowski
tel.: +48 503 171 452

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