Interim management

Interim management is a service addressed to companies which need to be facilitated in a selected area, as well as to owners (shareholders) who wish to secure themselves the highest return of capital invested in Poland and expect a complex management service without bearing high costs for management maintenance. Our managers will prepare you solutions of individual organisational problems, as well as a long-term development concept.

Main features of an interim manager:

  • commitment – required to achieve success
  • objectivity – he/she knows how to perceive a problem and company from a new perspective, unhindered by external relationships
  • low service cost – main remuneration constitutes the success fee
  • effectiveness – he/she strives to achieve success within a short time so that the Client sees the benefits of using his/her services
  • responsibility – does not take risky actions not to cause a loss of the Client, and any and all activities aim at the maximisation of the value of the Orderer.

A part of Interim Management service is a delegation of our managers to the highest management of your Company as supervisors of an undertaken task completion who control all activities until the expected result is obtained.

We get involved in tasks of various level of difficulty, from a common facilitation of a selected operational activity area, through the preparation of further development and expansion (e.g. development of new projects and products) to getting companies out of extremely difficult situations.

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